Links and references

I’ve included a list compiled with Stewart’s help of useful books, websites, resources and suppliers, local and otherwise, that aspiring wildlife gardeners might find useful. This makes no claim to completeness, and I am sure more will be added as the garden progresses. Royal Society for the Protection of Birds – birds, wildlife, foods, feeders, ‘homes’, online shop and wildlife reserves British Trust for Ornithology – birds, research, surveys, online shop Royal Horticultural Society – plants, garden design, advice, shows, gardens, online shop British Hedgehog Preservation Society gives hedgehog-friendly advice Advice specifically beneficial to bees, wasps and ants Friends of the Earth environmental matters, the ‘Great British Bee Count’ campaign Marc Carlton’s informative website with practical advice on wildlife gardening


Of course I’ve read all of these cover to cover (hmm….)

RSPB Gardening for Wildlife by Adrian Thomas – a good guide how to garden in a wildlife-friendly way
Reader’s Digest New Gardening Year – a month by month guide to gardening tasks
Reader’s Digest Illustrated Guide to Gardening – comprehensive book on all gardening topics
RHS Encyclopaedia of Gardening ed. Brickell – comprehensive book on all gardening topics
The RHS guide to Pruning and Training by Brickell & Joyce – the best single book on the subject

All except one of the books above have been bought very cheaply from the Oxfam bookshop.

Local and Other Suppliers

Prior Park Garden Centre*, Prior Park Road, Bath BA2 4NF
01225 427175     
– my local garden centre with friendly, helpful staff and a lovely cafe

Hillier’s Garden Centre*, Whiteway Road, Bath BA2 2RG
01225 421162     
– another Bath garden centre with a large choice of good quality plants and local advice

The Botanic Nursery*, Atworth, Melksham SN12 8NU
07850 328756    
– a delightful specialist nursery that I can’t leave empty-handed; expert advice on foxgloves

Landcare*, Chapel Lane, Old Sodbury BS37 6SJ
01454 310664     
– worth finding for shrubs and trees in particular; suppliers to retail outlets

Wild Thyme, The Old Orchard, Friggle Street, Frome BA11 5LH
01373 464417    
– wild flowers and scented border perennials; see them at local shows

Emorsgate Seeds*, Limes Farm, Tilney All Saints, King’s Lynn PE34 4RT
01553 829028     
– specialist wildflower and grasses seed supplier; used by BANES

Downside Nurseries, Upper Westwood, Bradford on Avon BA15 2DE
01225 862392     

Clare Bulb Company*, Clare, Suffolk CO10 8NS
01787 277441     
spring bulb suppliers; easy ordering from online website; quality bulbs at excellent prices

* suppliers of plants etc. for the Beechen Bees project