Late Spring Update

Early May, and things are getting really quite exciting in the garden as the weather warms up and everything is slowly coming to life. All the permanent planting is finished for the time being, and as the prospect of summer is just round the corner the time has come to think about added summer colour and getting my herb garden sorted. I’m keeping a photographic record of new things coming into flower, as well as monthly views of the garden from above – so do have a look at photo gallery for all the latest views.

Herb garden

I haven’t always had the best of luck when it comes to herbs. In the past my parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme have been victim to snails and slugs, overshadowed by encroaching plants or simply seemed to disappear. Inspired by a TV programme featuring a vertical garden in South London, I decided to use my fence as dedicated growing area.

Vertical herb garden2
Vertical herb garden

I used my old wall planters from last year and a few terracotta hanging pots to create an eye-level herb garden right next to the kitchen door – which is actually thriving! Finally I can nip out and grab handfuls of these home-grown herbs: 2 sorts of mint, flat and curly leaf parsley, oregano, marjoram, chives.

Summer Beddding

Returning to my original idea of creating a “room outdoors”, it’s now time to think about adding a few ornaments and finishing touches for the summer. In the past I used annuals in summer to create some colour around the wall of conifers which dominated the garden; now I can restrict my summer bedding plants to a few pots and wall hangers to brighten up the walls and fences where nothing is growing –yet. In total, I have planted up: three large ceramic pots, two wall hangers and the chimney pot of my old chiminea.

Summer bedding shopping spree
Summer bedding shopping spree

Because I don’t have a greenhouse, and therefore no way of storing young bedding plants in the cold weather, I had to wait until around the start of May to buy my plants – which meant everything was already quite mature. Amazing how much you can cram in when you try, though. As I have concentrated on providing food for bees in the rest of the garden, I did treat myself to a few of my stock favourites which I know will give me reliable showy colour all through the summer – sorry bees!

Freshly planted summer bedding pots
Freshly planted blue pots
One week afer planting
Just one week after planting





Big wall basket (2)
Really big wall basket
Chiminea feeling a bit stuffed!






In summary, this is what I’ve planted:
Begonias, lobelias, diascias, aquilegia, geraniums, helichrysum, violas, surfinia, verbena, isotoma (never tried this one before!) and hardy fuchsia. Need I say, all in keeping with the colour theme – largely different pinks, purples and blues.

That’s all for now, folks – happy gardening!